Time is a beast of a thing, we are all enslaved to it, we are all trapped in it. It flows on whether we like it or not. In a blink of an eye, an entire lifetime springs to being and fades away. It is the great equalizer. All things must fall to time. It is inevitable.

And because it moves so immutably, it can either be tyrant or benevolent ruler. You can wake up, months, years, decades later to find that time has passed you by and you have nothing to show for it. Or you can look back to memories of growth of triumph and joy. There is the intervention of fate, but a lot of it is really up to you.

The tyranny of time – the fact that it is relentlessly moving is the very thing you can grab a hold of and harness for your benefit. Once you accept that the time will pass anyway, the question remains, what will you do with it? Will you identify your goals and desires? Will you identify that which makes your heart sing and nourishes your soul? Will you search and discover that thing you were birth to give to the world, to the rest of us? Will you find your greatest contribution?

Will you put in the work, every day, every week in developing that potential of yours, in learning the skills, gathering the knowledge, in practicing the craft? Will you invest the time in your family, and nurture your relationships? Because after all is said and done, the people we love are all we have. Will you let time work for you? So as it incessantly flows, you are becoming better, your bonds are becoming stronger, and you harvest the fruits of your labour as they ripen in due seasons.

Will you establish the right routines and habits to basically make most of this automatic. So the way you spend your days, which is really the way you spend your life, compounds over time to raise you to greatness. Or will you squander all of it in laziness and excuses and unfocused action? Will you let time sweep you away, until you have to get off at the end of your allotted portion, with nothing but missed opportunities and regrets?

It’s really up to you. Time is the prime instigator in the physical universe, let it work for you.

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