Hello, it’s nice to meet you…

I’m Oto, a brand strategist, designer and entrepreneur using my skills to help people and businesses live up to their potential.

As a teenager I was very into motivational books and personal development. I devoured those lessons and was keenly aware of the value of vision, hard-work and excellence. These lessons helped me become an A student.

Afterwards I studied architecture and quickly realized that as cool as it was, I kinda hated it. I discovered visual communication through a friend and fell in love with graphic design. The ability to craft imagery and composition that captured attention and communicated deeper meaning really spoke to me.

I taught myself to use design software in my spare time and started freelancing out my dorm room. After school, I started freelancing full-time as a graphic designer. I did a lot of my early work with nightclubs, event promoters and Djs, eventually I transitioned to more corporate work and over the past 12 years, I have run the gamut of design jobs working with an IT company, a print company, a concert promotions company, a corporate communications agency as well as countless clients. In that time, I have designed almost every thing possible – logos and identitites, apparel, packaging, posters, annual reports, magazines, newspapers, user interfaces, and many more.

Presently, I’m learning and exploring ideas around entrepreneurship, business, brand strategy and user experience, and helping organizations and people understand their purpose, express their gifts and position themselves for success in the new world.

If there was an overarching theme to what I do, it would be “The art of being + the act of creating + the space in-between“. I am interested in how we live, how we create and how the two interact and inform each other.

My obsession with personal development and constant growth sparked in my early teens remains unabated and now I share what I learn as I build a life by design.

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