I’m Otoabasi Bassey, a brand strategist, designer, writer, and entrepreneur.

I help clients build compelling brands with strategy, design and digital services and I inspire people with thought-provoking content.

Life by design

My blog where I learn and share ideas for more intentional living and self improvement.

The importance of executing on your ideas

We all know that person. The one full of hot air. The one that talks a whole lot but never executes. They can regale you of tales of their ideas and plans. But nothing ever comes of them. You will most likely find them in the same place in a decade. Still talking...

Put yourself in the position to succeed

Exploring virtuous and vicious cycles Life is marked by cycles. We have day and night chasing each other in perpetuity. We have our Earth revolving around the sun year after year. Our days are marked with the seasons of summer, autumn, winter and spring. A lot of our...

Pay in pain, pay upfront

It is a general principle of life that for all things, there are two sides of the same coin - pleasure and pain. Everything is a delicate dance between these two extremes, good and bad, pleasure and pain, light and dark. And even each extreme contains the seed of its...

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Playing at the intersection of brand, design and business, I help clients look amazing, communicate compellingly, and attract business with brand strategy, design and digital services.

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