I’m Otoabasi Bassey, a brand strategist, designer, writer, and entrepreneur.

I help clients build compelling brands with strategy, design and digital services and I inspire people with thought provoking content.

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Learning and sharing ideas for more intentional living and self improvement.

The incredible freedom of having a routine

When you think about successful creatives or artists, you would probably conjure the image of weird people prone to flights of fancy, brilliant sure, but often capricious, unstable, or unreliable. You would imagine that they value large swatches of unstructured time...

A bunch of thoughts

I don’t have anything to say.  And yet, I must blog. I must write and publish something. Because I made the commitment to. And part of the journey towards success is respecting the process, when it is easy and when it is hard. So, I will write.  And because...

Mind the lag

Another meditation on the process and experience of getting things done.  The last stretch of any serious project is usually the most grueling part of the whole ordeal. It is almost like birthing. The bulk of it has a lot of work sure – conceptualizing, designing...

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Playing at the intersection of brand, design and business, I help clients look amazing, communicate compellingly, and attract business with brand strategy, design and digital services.

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