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How to Manage Your Time as a Creative Pt 2

How to Manage Your Time as a Creative Pt 2

So last week, I shared some ideas on how to manage your time as a creative, or even as any working professional. These were more principle based - high level concepts to consider, ideas like making the time, managing energy, and using time blocks. This week, I'll go a...

How to Manage Your Time as a Creative Pt 1

How to Manage Your Time as a Creative Pt 1

Looking over the past few weeks, a theme is emerging in regards to what I have been thinking and writing about. That theme seems to be around the subject of creativity - from reconnecting with passion, to reclaiming creativity for ourselves, to the different levels of...

The 6 Levels of Creative Thought

The 6 Levels of Creative Thought

I came across this podcast, 'Make Art Not Content' a couple weeks back, and it's pretty great. The channel sports these short but dynamic and pithy clips that are hard hitting, provocative and fun. There was an episode that stuck with me so much, I knew I was going to...

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