I’m Otoabasi Bassey, a brand strategist, designer, writer, and entrepreneur.

I help clients build compelling brands with strategy, design and digital services and I inspire people with thought provoking content.

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Learning and sharing ideas for more intentional living and self improvement.

Where is your locus of control?

There is a fundamental disposition that will affect if you win or lose, and the level of success you would reach. It is how you think about control.   Your level of happiness is directly linked to how much autonomy, control or choice you have in your life....

Take on a heavy load

So, we’ve been exploring ‘How to Maximize your Potential’ over the past couple of posts. And every week, I try to share an idea or principle that could help us in the quest to maximize our potential.  So far, we have looked at things that hinder us from reaching...

You can’t win if you don’t change

It is a strange thing. Most people want to win – move forward to the next level and do more with their lives, reach their potential. But they want to do it while keeping everything in their lives exactly the way it is now.  As humans, we naturally resist change....

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Playing at the intersection of brand, design and business, I help clients look amazing, communicate compellingly, and attract business with brand strategy, design and digital services.

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