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Build your stack

Build your stack

In the tech world, there is the concept of the stack. This is the combination of technologies a company or entity uses to build and operate an application or project. It is all the different pieces that come together to give the final solution. It is also a concept...

Reclaiming your inner fire when everything feels so bleh 😪

Reclaiming your inner fire when everything feels so bleh 😪

How do you reclaim your inner fire when everything around you feels so bleh? When you feel creatively uninspired. How do you spark the flames of passion and get excited about what you do, about life again? It is the question a lot of creatives, and people in general...

The importance of doing your own thing

The importance of doing your own thing

Many of us have jobs, or contracts or at least obligations to the work space. Most likely, those activities take up the bulk of your time. And you get reliant on them, to pay the bills, and give you the means to meet some of your needs. But at the cost of the bulk of...

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