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I’m Otoabasi Bassey, a brand strategist, designer, and entrepreneur.

I studied architecture and somehow ended up a self taught graphic designer. Over the past 8 years, I’ve worked with all kinds of places, people and things designing almost every thing possible – logos, flyers, annual reports, websites, books, apps, newspapers, magazines, and so on, you name it.

At the moment, I am super curious about personal development, design, entrepreneurship, business, branding and strategy, obsessively studying them and using my skills to help clients get aligned for success in a rapidly changing world.

Latest Blogs

The promise of self-development

Constant learning and self-improvement can and must be done for great life results. – Farnam Street I saw this quote the other day, and it struck me, because sometimes I think to myself, ‘why the obsession with personal development?’ I may not be consistent with the...

Overcoming impossible odds

The resilience of the human spirit is something to marvel at. Across the globe, every day, every person is fighting a battle. For some, the skirmishes are small and minor, first world type problems. For others, it’s outright war, for other still, it is literally life...

Exploiting Momentum

Someone asked me the other day how I managed to stay upbeat, and full of energy. What keeps me going? What keeps me so fired up? I was pleasantly surprised, because I don’t particularly see myself that way. My answer included a bunch of things like growing older and...

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