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015 Emergence

noun (1). the process of becoming visible after being concealed. (2). the process of coming into existence or prominence.

014 Status Update

All is well in this b*tch

013 Odyssey

It’s a new year, a fresh start, on the same epic journey. We are grateful for the chance to do it again, better each time.

012 Resolve

verb 1. settle or find a solution to a problem or contentious matter (like 2020 for instance) 2. decide firmly on a course of action.

011 Bounceback

The Devil is a liar

010 Ishta

Pursue that which inspires you.

009 Phoenix

Keep it moving. Keep it pushing. Harness Chaos. Rise from the Ashes.

008 Gemini

2020 has been pretty wild so far huh. I hope you are doing well out there. Happy Birthday to all born under the gemini sign. Stay safe. #BlackLivesMatter

007 Quarantine

Guess we stuck at home huh, might as well vibe out.

006 Tropicana

A fusion of hip-hop, afro-beat and carribean vibes with sprinkles of nostalgia hits.

005 Resurgence

Catch a vibe! Inspired by shows and movies I’ve been watching lately – Ballers, Cloak n Dagger, Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse with a heavy dose of Afropop & Alte!

004 In The Zone

Something a little different

003 Winter Heater

Cozy, Warm, Lit.

002 Fire Beats

Songs I’ve had on repeat for the past 30 days.

001 Homecoming

The way back home.

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