A commitment to growth is the best decision you could make for your life. It is through growth that we level up and are better equipped to go after and receive our desires. Growth allows us to attain our full potential of achievement and experience.

There is a pattern in every quest for growth. We steadily rise and grow and then suddenly we plateau for a while. We get to an okay level of competence or skill and then it seems we can’t move any further. Our beliefs and actions have combine to create this equilibrium. To break through this level, you need to make a quantum leap, and to do that you need to get under the hood and tweak a few things. Things need to change.

You can’t solve today’s problem with yesterday’s thinking.

To make a quantum leap requires a new rearrangement of your internal affairs. It needs fundamental shifts in perception, in belief, in planning and in action. These shifts and changes are difficult to make.

You are who you are now because of the decisions and actions you made. If you want to become a different person, a better person perhaps, you are going to need to make new decisions and take new actions. That sounds super basic but as we all know, the chasm between good intentions and actual action can be very wide. Once you can bridge that gap between what you do now and what you need to be doing, then you will be firmly on your way of change. Bridging that gap is a lot of work and is the reason the entire self-help industry exists. But it starts with letting go, letting go of where you are now to reach towards where you want to go.

You have to learn to let things go. Let go of your assumptions. Let go of your fears. Let go of your excuses. Let go of the way you used to do things. Let go of people and things that bring you down. Let go of your past successes. Let go of your past failures. Don’t get romantic about the things that used to be. Don’t be attached to the way things are or used to be. Let go. Live open and willing to experiment with and embrace new ways of being, new ways of looking and new ways of doing. It is uncomfortable and hard, but the reward is your new level.

As I grow and seek to grow, I understand that I need to let go of a lot of things. If I want a better work situation, then I have to let go of the way I’m doing things now, even though I’ve been doing them for a while and I’ve gotten used to them. Isn’t that funny? How something can cause such stress but we don’t let it go because dealing with that situation is so ingrained in us, it’s hard to let go. We get used to certain kinds of pain, and that makes it hard to disrupt the cycle.

You have to let go of the old to receive the new.

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