Or ‘Don’t choke at the finish line’

I noticed something interesting a few weeks ago. Lets say you’ve been chasing something you really want – just putting in the hours and ploughing right through in pursuit of this goal you must achieve. Sure the days are long and hard, but you really really want it, so you push as hard as you can. Long enough that you catch a glimpse of it, you finally see your target ahead of you.

Somehow in that last stretch, the temptation to give up creeps up a bit harder than it has this entire time. You almost want to sabotage yourself, because the only experience you’ve had is ‘wanting’ that thing. You are almost to finally have it, because you will lose the comfort of the struggle. Wanting it is more familiar and safer than actually having it. Because once you have it, you have to adjust, you have to seek out the next thing, the next struggle.

In this stretch, be even more vigilant, resist the temptation to fold, to make careless mistakes, to lose the opportunity, to snatch defeat out of the jaws of defeat. Keep running, keep pushing, cross the finish line, dare to win.

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