I’m intrigued with how ideas become reality. A bit specifically, how dope ideas become dope reality. There are a lot of half baked ideas and half assed execution. There is also a fair share of dope ideas but no execution. You may have a few of those yourself.

There’s this book – Making Ideas Happen by Scott Belsky of Behance fame. It’s a great book, I know this, even though I have not read it all the way to the end yet. One day I will. Anyway, at some point in what I’ve read so far, Scott describes a simple framework for identifying and organizing the various pieces of information and content that surround our ideas. Basically he says, be organized. If you can control and access the information and keep your eyes on the necessary action points, you are golden.

I know some people think they thrive in chaos, or believe they are fairly organized. If you want to experience a serious boost in productivity and getting shit done, be organized towards your main goals. Keep your goals in main focus. Have a system for noting down and organizing the stray ideas, comments and requests of your time. Have a system with clearly defined steps for working through these things. Keep reviewing and monitoring.

You will find that the more organized you are, and the more integrated the information and implementation systems are in your life, the more efficient and effective you would be. Bonus points…your ability to assess opportunities and exploit them would be exponentially increased, because you know exactly where you are going and how you are getting there.

Being organized also speaks to being prepared. If you are organized, you are most likely also prepared. Success at this point is all but guaranteed.

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