Coming up with ideas is fun. Executing them…not so much. Especially if you have a lot of inertia. You know, having a lot of ideas and not ever doing anything to make them a reality. And its true, making things happen can be hard, its messy. Have you ever seen an artist’s studio? Most times it’s a glorious chaos of paint and brushes everywhere, half done experiments and sketches, pieces of inspiration. Any form of creation requires a fair amount of mucking around, of doubting yourself, of false starts and detours…and of course…failure.

But if you embrace that mess, all that remains is the work. You just have to do the work. Execution isn’t pretty, it is quite messy, sometimes painful. Its banging your head against the wall for days on end looking for answers. Its long nights at the office or at your desk. But that’s where the real fun is. In stretching yourself and growing, wrestling with creation until it yields and you are rewarded with the rewards and the lovely side effect of deeper self knowledge and experience.

I made a piece of graphic art to remind myself of this concept, Check it out here.

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