The real world is the real world. It is chaotic, it is crazy, it is unfair and at the same time totally fair. We spend a lot of our time in simulations – school, church, clubs, organizations, companies. Many times these simulations lull us into a false sense of security. We have our structure and our boxes to tick, we know when we have won or lost, we have our ratings and scores, we have our accomplishments.

But the real world is the real world. It is chaotic, it is crazy and none of those illusions matter. A lowly farmer boy rises up to become president. A prince raised in luxury ends up destitute. Nothing is assured, disruptions happen all the time, entire economies collapse…climate changes, jobs get destroyed and new possibilities emerge.

The real world is the real world and it is terrifying. But it also poses great opportunities. Almost anything is possible. Regardless of who you are and where you are, the playing field is eventually more or less level. You work with the cards you are dealt and you play your way to where you want to be. You take initiative, you hack your way through things, you bend the rules and break some, you are bold and grasp the bull by its horns. It doesn’t matter so much where you are…as it does where you’re going.

This is the real world…and its beautiful.

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