There is something about 2015 that feels right. It feels like one of those years where there is a special grace to get things done. If there are ideas you wanted to put out, if there were things you wanted to do, 2015 feels like that year you can actually do them. I know I probably said the same thing about 2014, in hindsight, maybe 2014 was a preparation year for 2015.

We all tend by default to a life of ease. Its very easy to find ourselves slipping into a quiet sleep. But you can’t grow if you are too comfortable. You can’t grow if you don’t challenge yourself.

You must actively choose discomfort as a means to push yourself to the edge of your potential. Basic human nature tends towards complacency and ease, we always looking for the easiest way out. You get the nice cushy job and settle into it. You settle into a routine…9 – 5 everyday. And that’s fair and fine, but if you are not intentional about what you are doing, very quickly the days blend into each other and everything becomes one long zombie mush

If I had to choose between being comfortable and growing, I would choose growing. It is not an easy choice, it is the harder choice. I fear stability more than instability. I fear going to sleep. I fear the days passing by without me doing anything important, truthful or impactful.

How you spend your days is how you spend your life.

You need a clear idea of where you want to go and have the balls to shake things up to get there. You may need to strike it out on your own. If you are sitting in one place everyday, under the thumb of a boss or a manager, you probably have no control over your destiny. You may not be contributing at your highest level. Your most precious resource – time, is controlled by the whims of a person who probably doesn’t know you very well or know what they are doing.

Would you rather be in the zoo, or would you be in the jungle.

The lion in the zoo may be better fed, but the lion in the jungle is more alive.

That’s why I have to be uncomfortable, that’s why the stakes have to be high, so I can be jolted awake, so I can live at the edge of my wits, so every fibre of my being can feel alive. It’s terrifying…but it’s the way to grow.

“if the thought of taking an action gives you butterflies and makes you uncomfortable, then you’re headed in the right direction because comfort is the breeding ground for mediocrity”- Anon

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