This is my first blog post in six months. There has been a slow steady decline in the frequency of my writing; it was inevitable it was going to trickle down to a stop. I didn’t mind too much that I wasn’t writing anymore because I honestly felt like I had nothing to say. I didn’t even journal/write to myself as much. Without that ‘inspiration’ I felt moved to just be, live, feeling, and just let things sink into my bones.

There is a time and place for fallow periods.

It’s the New Year, and as most of us scramble yet again with our newly forged resolutions and recommitments, I am right there with you. I have been thinking at length for the past half year about my blog, my work and my interests and how to weave together online in a way that made sense. This is the latest incarnation of…what ever this is.

I started blogging in 2010 after I made the difficult but necessary decision to leave school and focus my energies on the things that I actually enjoyed doing. It was a time of great change and my life went upside down (in an amazing way). At first, I blogged and blasted out my manifestos and rants of what life should be and how the system sucks, and how to break free. Over time my blog became the space where I worked out my catharsis by writing any new epiphany or ideas I was obsessed with at the time.

Fast-forward to now, 2015 and I feel different. I’m not as angry, I’ve had some progress at reprogramming my mind, I’ve worked through some of my issues, I generally interact with the world in a different way, I’ve grown and I almost feel like I know what I am doing. I felt like I had nothing to say because I drew my writing inspiration from a place of angst or a place of lofty emotion. When you pass the stage of astonishment at profound ideas and you are in the trenches of working out ‘what does this mean’, the emotion passes/evolves and what you are left with is ‘the work’. But maybe ‘I have nothing to say’ is just an excuse for being lazy.

Life evolves, My blog has a new home, my old domain name is transforming into something else, I’m writing again, hopefully I find a rhythm, I’ll write about anything – the things I’ve learnt, the things I feel, the things I make and all the wonderful people and things around me.

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