In light of the just aired/released/bootlegged extremely emotional ‘what-the-fuckery’ episode 9 of the 3rd season of the medieval fantasy series ‘Game of Thrones’, I present you the second edition of ‘The Cool’ series.

  • Ever wondered what would it look like if the houses in Game of Thrones were present day multi million dollar corporations? Shutterstock shows us.
  • French graphic artist Mike Wrobel re-imagines Game of Thrones characters in the 80’s and 90’s
  • A collection of 20 of the angriest reactions to Game of Thrones Season 3 episode 9
  • The four types of Game of Thrones fans
  • Some deep words from Joss Whedon’s 2013 Wesleyan commencement address
  • Annoying comments by clients turned into posters
  • Picture credit
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