As we crossed over into the New Year – 2013, I took the time to think about what was ahead for me, as most of us do. The word that came strongly to mind was ‘surf’. The one thing certain about life is that you can never anticipate what’s going to happen. Life is billions of seemingly chaotic micro events happening at once, influencing each other, mapping out new territories and there is just so much outside our radar screens affecting our lives that we are oblivious to. Anything can happen.

We love to make plans, but plans rarely survive their collision with reality. Is planning therefore useless? No. It gives us a starting point; it gives us a model of reality to work with, to anticipate. But when the clock hits midnight, the ball gets rolling and a new day, a new month, a new year is born, we get thrust into the real world.

The year begins and an unexpected problem suddenly develops, new opportunities crop up, tragedy hits, obstacles appear, new doors open up. All kinds of things happen that you could never have anticipated.

You must not fight this, what you must do is surf. Keep your ultimate goals in mind always however vague or precise this desire is, and as the waves of life come at you…surf. Ride the waves, surrender to the present moment, rework the plans, face reality, adjust your course, do whatever is necessary. You will bail out from time to time, you will get knocked cold by the harsh waves and sink into the depths, but get back to surface, get back on your board, keep moving, enjoy the thrill…and stay happy.

Have a blessed 2013.

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