For a while, I’ve been wanting to expand the scope of this blog and make it more multi-faceted and interesting. For that reason I changed the design of the blog a few months back, and now I’m adding more types of content to express more parts of myself and showcase my interests.

So welcome to ‘The Cool’ –  a series of posts on cool things I bump into across this mindbendingly vast space called the internet. A curation of things that have made an impression on me each week.

  • What happens when Death dies? Led by @TTXIII, a couple of writers/twitter personalities have joined forces on an epic story telling journey ‘False Lives’. It is pretty damn good.
  • NY times article on Jay Z’s influence on the Brooklyn Nets. I find it interesting how he has leveraged his tiny stake in the team to extensive brand influence and drum up business for his other ventures.
  • I came across this interview of Seth Godin at The Great Discontent. Good read and great quotes/ideas to be lifted.
  • We all have that friend who is looking to make a career in rap/hiphop music…here are a few tips for them.
  • How bad do you want it? Success. (Video)
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