I think we all live our lives from certain levels of awareness and consciousness. We all have a baseline of thoughts, habits and patterns. These are the ones that happen unconsciously and without effort. We can break out of them into higher (or lower) levels of thought and productivity, but eventually we reset back to our normal states.

To be meaningfully successful, which means to succeed at a remarkable self chosen goal, you have to make consistent effort, take consistent steps to getting there. If you are like me, you would take active steps this week, and slack off for the next two weeks being distracted by everything else. Now that’s chill, but its not good enough.

You want success, right? This is how we’re going to stay on the ball.

Everyone has dreams and aspirations. The difference between those who achieve their dreams and those who stay asleep is that the ones who get there stay awake, they stay conscious, they stay dreaming awake. What do I mean? I mean they stay aware of their goals, they stay in the zone, that’s their baseline. Their natural state is one where they are constantly thinking about what they are working on, thinking up new ideas, trying out things, putting the hours in and so on. They may step out of the zone to ‘rest. Relax and chill’, ‘socialise’, ‘work on other things’, but because this is their baseline zone, they always return to it quickly and continue pursuing.

And this is how you must live, if you will succeed. Always have your eye on the ball, stay in your zone, live in your sweet spot and don’t let the world distract you.


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