What if instead of being so preoccupied with success, we actually set out to fail instead? We know that we don’t have all the answers, we don’t have all the information, we don’t even know what to do…how about we just jump off the cliff anyway? How much do you stand to lose really? A bruised ego? Chances are you could live with that failure.

So instead of stalling, procrastinating, waiting for the perfect time, or waiting until we have all the information and all the ducks are happily in rows, what if we just went ahead and tried? What if we make failure our goal? Because failure is actually pretty awesome. We can read books, talk to people, observe people. We can gather all the information we need. We can map out strategies based on all this information. Thats all fine. But we must still put all of that to the test. We must actually do..hell, we must do knowing and accepting that there is a 99% possibility of failure. Doing things puts all our assumptions/knowledge to the test, and failure is an immediate feedback. It gives us something to work with. It gives us a clue of what went wrong.

Repeated and consistent failure gives us more clues, shows us more blind spots. It helps us learn…quickly. And this should really be the main goal, to learn, to grow, to expand, to work towards competence/mastery. Fall in love with the process.

So set out to fail today, its the quickest way to succeed.

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