If you want to grow, you must first be overwhelmed. You need to do more than you are used to. You need to try new things. You have to get used to being uncomfortable. You have to bite off more than you can chew. You need to put yourself under stress, induce sensory overload. You need to fail often and quickly. You need to immerse yourself, learn, fall, get up, adapt. Allow your mind to be molded and reshaped by your experiences. Let your brain be rewired. It’s the only way.

Eventually, things will slow down. You get used to your new tasks. You get a hang of things, it gets easier. Then you can work towards mastery. And so you must be, working in this cycle of overwhelm and ease, strain and relaxation. But the first step, every single time for growth is distress…overwhelm yourself..and grow.

There is no excellence without difficulty. Follow the path of least resistance and you will end up in mediocrity – Ovid

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