Something terrible happens, we are harshly woken up from our mind numbing routines and placid life. We are forced to change, confront our fears, take action. Our fears and excuses for stalling and staying put pale in comparison to the pain and anguish we feel in staying put. We change, we evolve, we become more ourselves, we find some happiness, some peace. Things turn around, we learn a lot, we gain some modicum of mastery, we become better.

Then we get comfortable, we coast.

All the things we learned and gained become the things we are too scared to lose. We get into new routines, new habits, we ease up. We stop growing.

But the only thing constant in life is change. Things must evolve again. The time would come to let go of the precious thing, to leave familiar lands, to try new things. We would have to return to the beginner mind, to discover things anew, to become uncomfortable. It’s the way life is, expand, grow, relax, coast, contract, and expand again. The eternal cycle.

The way of the warrior is courage, courage to take the path, to keep moving, to continue changing, to continue growing.

And courage is not always easy.

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