Everyone wants to be successful. The ones who get there, are those who understand what it means to be successful. That success more often than not comes with more responsibility and a different set of problems.

This is where people get scared of success. Because success will change your life, and if your mind hasn’t adjusted to the new reality long before it occurs, you are going to sabotage yourself to keep things safe and comfortable.

Success happens in the mind first.

The definition of success for a lot of people looks something like this – make a lot of money so it stops being an issue, and then spend life relaxing on a beach somewhere. The problem with this mental image of success is that it is not entirely true. When that business of yours takes off, when your career takes off, it will be marked more with an increase in responsibilities, pressure, problems and people to contend with. If you are not careful, the success you sought would become the very thing you hate.

Success would make some things easier, but it would also make a lot of things harder. Understand that. Accept that.

If success is what you seek, get a feel for the entire picture. Understand the dark side of it as well as the fun side. Imagine how your life would change as you reach your goals. Know that if your dream is a clothing line, that a lot of your time would be spent in sourcing material, finding printers or tailors, marketing, negotiating deals with stores and so on. Whatever glamour there is in it would be a very small part of the entire package.

What ever you choose to be successful at, do it for the love of the toil, not for the lust for the glory. You will be happier that way.

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