‘If you are reading this book, it’s because you sense inside you a second self, an unlived self’ – Steven Pressfield “Do The Work”

I read this book yesterday, and that phrase stuck with me…The Unlived Self.

We all know it, the thing we could be doing that we are not doing. The book we could be writing that we are not writing. The experiences we could be having that we are not having. The project that we could be working on that we are not working on. The person that we could be that we are not being.

The second self. The potential self. The unlived self.

Why is this self still unlived? Fear mostly, we are too comfortable where we are. We are scared of failure, we are scared of success, we scared of ourselves. Or maybe we have legitimate obstacles. But we can overcome them. It may take a while, a few months, a few years, but we can get there.

We can do the work, we can move past the fear, we can jump right into the journey.

We can live the unlived self

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