There are the things we do because we are here, and there are the things we MUST do because we are here.

I had this image in mind yesterday. Imagine an infinite dark space and a golden thread suspended horizontally stretching to infinity. This golden thread is your path of destiny. It is the thread that traces its path through the experiences and lessons laid out for your life. To follow it, you must be aware of it, and you must choose to follow it as opposed to the vast possibilities of an infinite space.

There are things we do because we are here. Things like school and work and the numerous activities that are common or unique to this specific era in time. We follow the customs and norms of our time and society. We generally follow the same trends of school, work, marriage, family, retirement and death.

There are things we must do because we are here. I believe we all have purpose, reason for our being here. The golden thread traces the path to that purpose.

Many people are blind to the thread and find solace in other things, material possessions, achievements, accolades, pleasure, etc. We should learn to tune out the noise of the world and listen to the small voice inside, the GPS that guides us towards the place we must be. This purpose is far more sacred, more important than anything else we could imagine.

If you are aware of the thread in your life, then everything else you do, whatever career path you choose, lifestyle choices you make begin to flow out of that. You are no longer bound by the prevailing societal ideals of success, but you hold yourself to a higher standard, answering a simple question…’Did I do what I came here to do?’

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