This is the very first guest post on this blog, and I’m pleased to introduce you all to one of the craziest and most important friends I’ve ever had, Musakalu Kabamba….here’s his 2 cents on achieving success.

This is my first blog post in 4 years and my first ever guest blog post for IamBaseX. Funny thing about this blog is was it was supposed to be handed in on the 10th of January this year and yet it’s being done on the 31st of January. The irony is that the blog was about getting things done this year.

Initially I had an algorithm on how to do everything you set out to do in 2012. It went something like this:

Success = (passion * research * planning) action

Let’s take a look at it.

Success is what we want, that feeling of we can, we saw a vision of what we wanted and we achieved it! Brought it from our minds into this world of ours.

Action is just that, what are you doing to make your vision into reality, are you going to gym, getting on that treadmill and running for 20 minutes so you can lose that 10kg? are we writing our first article for that blog you want to start? Are we doing a mindmap for that new wardrobe you want to have?

Passion is how bad do you want it, how happy do you feel when you think about this vision and goal you want to make a reality.

Research is what are you trying to learn about what your vision and goal is all about? How much are gym memberships? What is out there to create a blog as easy and fast as possible? What fashion items will fit my body type and go with the look I want?

Planning is coming up with the steps to achieve this goal. Go to gym, get registration papers, get running shoes, get a towel, decide days to hit gym, go hit the treadmill. Google best ways to create a blog, find a service, sign up for service, write an article, post. Find pictures of  how I want to look, start finding similar items in my area, come up with a total price, do a budget for it, buy.

But guess what… THAT FORMULA DOESN’T WORK!!!

I tried applying to me writing my first blog… The REAL REASON WHY WE NEVER ACHIEVE WHAT WE SET OUT TO DO IS we let out thought processes overwhelm us and stop us from taking any action…

The formula that made me start and complete my blog was derived from my favourite author at this moment Steven Pressfield and his book “Do The Work”. That formula is…

Success = Action / (research*planning*passion)

In plain English, this means that, The more time you spend researching, planning and mustering up your passion to achieve your vision or goals, the less you will be successful.

Back to numbers to get a better picture. The numbers on the right of the “=” sign are in minutes and the Success number is just a rating, the higher the better.

0.06 = 60 / (10 * 20 * 5 )

This means you achieve a rating of  0.06 success (Don’t let the numbers scare you, its not a percentage of anything just a number as you will soon see.) if you took 10 minutes of research times 20 minutes of planning times 5 minutes of finding the passion to do the work divided by 60 minutes of performing the actions from the planning phase.

So let’s reduce our times for research, planning and passion…

0.4 = 60 / (5 * 10 * 3)

By cutting down to 5 minutes of research, 10 minutes of planning and 3 minutes to find your passion divided by 60 minutes of work you have increased your success rating to 0.4, that is 600% increase by cutting down on your research, finding your passion and planning time!

The trick to success is simple. DO! ACT! WRITE! RUN! BUY! Just take the action your instinct tells you to make your vision into reality. That first energetic thought of what you have to do when you get your idea. FOLLOW IT!!!

Just take that first step. Don’t think about whether it’s the right step, whether you know enough or whether you will still want to do it in 5 months. JUST START AND DO!!!

But WORD OF WARNING. Take the formula and put in a zero(0) in any of those numbers and tell me what you get…

Yes, ZERO SUCCESS! Because as much as you should focus on actions more than anything else in that formula… we all need a little research which gives us knowledge to do our tasks that much better, we all need to plan the quickest, easiest, least stressful route to achieving our goal and we all need that passion to fuel our actions. So plan a bit, research a bit, sit down and find that passion a bit. BUT NOT TOO MUCH or else it will be June and you still haven’t done a thing!

The time you take to think is also the time you could have used to do something. Focus on action first, then think about what you have done and see how you can improve your next action and soon you will lose that weight, get a blog full of content and have the wardrobe of your dreams!



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