One of the things I’m obsessed about is trying to define and articulate how to live the best life possible for me. I’ve been trying to combine interests, passions, philosophy and ‘the cool’ to create a life that I would enjoy, that would have meaning and explore my potential as much as possible. A few weeks ago, I penned this down, this is my life manifesto:

My desire is to LIVE life FULLY and WELL. What this means
basically is 

  1. Live Life: The purpose of life is to be LIVED.
    We only here for a couple of decades at best. It is a great privilege and
    opportunity to be alive on earth immersed in this human experience. I choose to
    savour it, every experience, every feeling, every situation. I choose to
    maximise the feelings of happiness, joy, peace, fulfilment and satisfaction. In
    times of sadness, grief and pain, I choose to dive fully into it, experience it
    and emerge out of the emotion stronger and better for it. Enjoy every moment.
    Seek new experiences, places, people, etc.
  2. Perpetual growth: It is the nature of the
    universe, for things to be born, grow and then die. I am in between the two
    points. I desire to grow in all areas, to perpetually gain and increase, become
    more, express more. I choose to be a life-long student, embracing polygotry,
    but having a few deep areas where I gain mastery. I choose to know more, learn
    more, increase my skills and grow and adapt to the world as it changes around
    me and I change around it.
  3. Achievement: 
    I seek to perpetually create across all facets in life and achieve
    goals. I want to set and hit targets, create companies, complete projects,
    design products and leave behind tangible results of my stay on this plane of
    existence. I seek financial independence. I choose to pursue not just the
    ‘what’ of achievement, but also the ‘how’ living a remarkable, excellent and
    interesting life. (Remarkable life = Outstanding feats + Lifestyle design)

This is my ideal to strive through, a guiding light that influences my decisions as much as possible, my path to follow.

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