In the present there is constant change and so much we cannot control. If you try to micro manage it all, you lose even greater control in the long run. The answer is to let go and move with chaos that presents itself to you. From within it, you will find endless opportunites that elude most people. Don’t give others the chance to pin you down.; Keep moving and changing your appearances to fit the environment. If you encounter walls or boundaries, slip around them. Do not let anything disrupt your flow

-The 50th Law (50 Cent and Robert Green)

It’s monday, and it’s a new week. Everyone is back at it, back at the hustle whatever that may be. The students are off to school, the workers are at their jobs and the hustlers are back in the streets. Lets get it in!!! My word to you today is simple, ‘Keep Moving’. This week, you are going to encounter setbacks, not every thing is going to go as planned. Stay fluid. Stay focused on the end goals, just be flexible on how you are going to get there. Be like water. Flow around the rocks and obstacles in your paths. Stay in the moment, enjoy each one as you race past it. And of course, do your very best!

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