My boy Kay and I talk a lot about ‘The System’. Admittedly it sounds very conspiracy theoristy, but I will admit to being a bit of a conspiracy theorist. So ‘The System’ works exactly like the Matrix. I am going to assume you have watched the movie ‘The Matrix’ in its entirety, or at least the first one. If you haven’t, leave this blog immediately and NEVER come back! I can’t deal with people like you *insert disgusted face here*

Anyway, brief recap. The Matrix is a movie about a post apocalyptic world where humans are enslaved by machines (of their own creation) who used humans as energy cells. To keep the humans subservient, they are all plugged into a computer generated reality that feels, tastes and looks completely real. So humans really spend their lives living in this system, living this illusion of reality, having jobs, spouses, houses, etc. But none of it is real; it is literarily all in their heads.

In comes Morpheus (an unplugged individual) who subsequently unplugs Neo who then goes on to be the saviour of humanity, eventually giving up his life to end the war between the humans and the machines. A lot happens in between though, so please watch the movie if you haven’t.

Red pill wakes you up

There is a real ‘Matrix’ though. It is a system we are born into. I could go in deep and discuss various illusions, concepts of reality, states of consciousness and so on and so forth. But that is a worm hole on its own. I will however distil my understanding into a simple line, ‘You are either awake or you are asleep’

You are born into ‘The System’ and there are guides present to lead you and teach you how to exist within its framework. The guides are your parents, your teachers, your religious centres, your communities, your fellow human beings. They teach you how to live, how to treat other people. You inherit a set of beliefs, reactions, preconceived notions, ideas, priorities and ambitions. Your sense of purpose is derived from this ‘System’. All this is good and fine. There is nothing wrong with that (or with anything for that matter).

The truth here is that everything, every idea, every rule comes from outside you. That is fine, because shortly after we are born we come into the awareness of being. We believe the idea that we are distinct from the other beings around us. There are finite boundaries and space between our corporeal bodies. We are us, they are them. This is the apparent reality. Depending on how oppressive ‘The System’ is, you learn to discredit your true nature and rely on external cues and factors to live and to relate to life around you.

Promise of pleasure and threats of pain are used to condition our behaviours and inclination from a very young age. We learn to please our parents and people around us by acting in ways that are favourable to them. We seek approval from teachers in school, from our peers and friends. It is a natural desire to want approval, love and acceptance. By making all these things available on condition, we are moulded and shaped. Events and observations, all of which are transient and quickly pass by leave indelible marks in our psyche. We become a bundle of conditioned reflexes reacting to situations rather than responding. We make assumptions, we make judgements, and we classify things as right and wrong. We hold ideologies, theologies and doctrines.

We live out frantic lives trying to protect ourselves from outside threats and pain. We cling on to the structures we built around us for our security. We look outside ourselves for completion, for true love, for success, for validation and so on. We live, act, behave and we are largely oblivious to why we do what we do. We are not self aware, we are asleep.

In the sense of what I just described, I was asleep for 21 years of my life. Actually the day I turned 21, a series of events began that eventually jarred me so hard I began to wake up. By, the end of 2009, I began to open ‘my eyes’ for the first time. In 2010, I was awake and asking questions, in 2011, I am finding answers and slowly getting out of bed.

this WILL wake you up!

What does it mean to be awake. It means being conscious, it means being aware. Self- awareness is the first and fundamental key. Being awake is being able to stand outside of yourself, out of everything you believe to be true and begin to systematically question everything. And I do mean everything. I remember being told I read too many books, I read too many ‘dangerous’ books. There are some things I shouldn’t know. There are some things I shouldn’t question. I shouldn’t question God. I shouldn’t question authority. I should accept things in faith. I should believe. I remember wondering why most people are scared to ask questions. Are they too scared of the answers they will find? Are they scared that the answer will cause them to lose everything they have worked so hard to gain? The structures they built their identity, lifestyle, heck even their sanity upon.

I asked and asked and asked. I rebelled, I ran, I hid, I asked some more. I kept asking until the foundations broke and the walls caved in and everything shifted and changed. I kept asking while I fell intermittently into depression and darkness. I kept asking when all I felt was terror in the pit of my stomach. I kept asking on nights I felt alone and misunderstood. I kept asking.

I am finding answers. Beautiful answers.

Being awake is understanding, KNOWING. It is connection with everything that exists. It is knowing the unshakeable truth, the core truth. It is understanding how the pieces fit together. It is disconnection from the ego and knowing of the highest self. Being awake is God-consciousness. When you are awake, you understand the laws that govern the universe. You can see the ‘code’ in the system. You can manipulate it, create new worlds. You can move at dizzying speeds, bend reality, and perform ‘impossible feats’. You are awakened to your true potential, to the idea of infinite growth. The chains are broken, the ropes are untied. You let go of all the hurt and pain that shackle and govern your actions. You know who you truly are, and you know why you are truly here. You possess the peace that surpasses understanding. You stay in a state of bliss.

You can be free. Wake up.

Before red pill......After red pill

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