Oto: So….Base, Why are we here?

Base: What you mean, ‘Why are we here? Isn’t it obvious?

Oto: Um…nope, I was hoping you’d fill me in

Base: We are not here because we are free, we are here because we are NOT free.

Oto: Dude, stop jacking Agent Smith’s lines

Base: Actually I was the one who wrote that for him

Oto: Oh really?

Base: Yes really.

Oto: *narrows eyes at Base* So next you gonna tell me you are Neo.

Base: *smiles and shrugs*

Oto: *raised eyebrow*

Base: *nods* The character Neo was loosely based on my life story. As was Superman, and of course the Bible….

Oto: *rolls eyes* Whatever dude. But really, why are we here?

Base: because YOU don’t have anything to write, and so you decided to have a conversation with me on your blog and pass that off as a post. I see you. Hack!

Oto: Ouch dude, Its just a momentary block. I’m waiting on my awesomness to kick in.

Base: *Kicks Oto*

Oto: Ouch dude, what the hell was that for?!

Base: I am your awesomness…

Oto: Idiot!

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