1. Know thyself

One of the more important lessons I have learnt over the past 7 months. Self-knowledge and awareness is vital if you are gonna do anything of significance in this life. You got to know yourself, love yourself and own yourself…the good and the bad, all of it.

2. If it ain’t working leave it

If at first you don’t succeed, try try again right..bullshit. decide what the main goal is, I mean the actual reason behind the reason why you doing whatever it is you are doing, and change your approach until you find something that works well.

3. Covers are no indicators of content

Just a fancier way of sayin don’t judge a book by it’s cover…skim thru it quickly, take a look at the index, do a quick read, give it a quick trial run. The most brilliant people I know look like bums half the time.

4. Authenticity over integrity

Don’t get me wrong, integrity is great, be what you say you are and don’t flake. But some of us have rapidly evolving value systems and mental contexts, hence the seeming duplicity. Me thinks its better to own your entire package, the good and the bad. If you are an angel with devil tendencies, be just that, don’t pretend to be anything other than what you are..be authentic. And in light of that, I am a Jedi Knight with Sith tendencies.

5. I am basically good

The issue of my inherent goodness or badness has been up for debate this season during personal board meetings between all 5 aspects of my psyche [I have 5 different personalities in my head I regularly consult on matters of personal importance]. I find a contradiction/paradox in life. The more I try to be ‘good’, i.e. Christian perfect, the more I want to do bad stuff, the minute I decide to go properly bad and sith, I realise I don’t really want to do all that bad stuff, it really doesn’t appeal to me in that deep core of my soul…I actually just want to help people. So we have decided I am a good and great guy..with sith tendencies,

6. Everything popular is wrong

One of the true groundbreaking discoveries of the season, everything you were taught at school, from society, from parents is wrong. Okay not every single thing, but a great deal of it. And maybe not outright wrong, but if you are gunning for top notch performance, a life of significance and freedom, in more concise terms ‘exceptional lifestyle’. It would probably do you good to let go of conventional wisdom and try out new things and ideas, that leads to my next point

7. There is always a better way

There is always a better way to get the results you seek, a better way to study, to live, to do relationships, to read, to learn, to approach life, to get inner peace, understand the world, make money, etc. The world is brimming with resources and techniques…find the best way for you.

8. I am a genius

I think we all agree on that point..next

9. School is a largely inefficient way to learn anything, it produces reactionary behaviours, passive learning, and trained minions.

10. Know what you want.

We all know what we don’t want, most of us don’t know what we DO want. If you don’t know what you want, how are you gonna get it?

11. Ask

Don’t be afraid to ask..for whatever it is you want/need…the worst they can say is ‘no’, which is really a temporary stop before you get to the yes you really want.

12. Avoid Crowds

Avoid crowds, or things and trends with too many people, they usually don’t know what the hell they are doing. If you want to succeed, find out what everyone does and do the exact opposite. [caution: use this piece of advice in context..please…no streaking]

13. Motivation is bullshit

And temporary, If you are truly doing what you love and are passionate about, you do not need motivation. You don’t need a candle light when you are on fire.

14. Eliminate Idiots

Stay far from them…very very far. Short-sighted people, lack of ambition people, people who know it all, people who don’t think. Either use them or discard them.

15. Compound Eyes and single focus

It is better to have a field of contexts and worldviews, than stick wholly to one at any one time, you deepen your life experience and have fewer blind spots.

16. You are a genius

Like for real, you just need to tap into it…your personal genius.

17. Knowing and doing/ Talking and walking

Knowing is not doing and doing is not knowing. Have both…you never really know a thing until you practice it. Talking the path and walking the path are two very different things and two different experiences. Don’t talk about it, be about it.

18. Fear is irrelevant and irrational

They say fear stands for false evidence appearing real. Nothing exists in this world except what your mind says does. So why not believe in your awesumness and ability to conquer, don’t waste your time fearing phantoms and ghosts.

19. Religion sucks!

But thats just my opinion, if it works for you…awesum!!!!!! It doesn’t work for me, I’d rather be spiritually aware, it is more holistic, empowering, not as cliquey, and hypocritical as religion.

20. The Matrix is real

We are living batteries and slaves to the system, we are not free. However, you can unplug, join the resistance and bend the rules of the system.

21. I do not want a job

And by the grace of God, and the strength of my right hand, I will never need to get one.

22. God…

Exists, and is everywhere, creates everything permeates everything and is. That’s as far as what I know for sure about Him..or Her. Everything else is sincerely up for debate.

23. God does not perform magic

He has no magic wand. He works via principles and laws. Miracles are simply higher laws superseding lower laws….oh, and when you die, I’m pretty sure he won’t ask about the details of your job or school..He will ask something more like ‘what did you do with YOUR life’

24. Friends…

Some will stab you in the back, granted. The solution? Calmly remove the knife and blade that sucker back. Then proceed to cut em off.

25. Never…Ever…place your destiny in the hands of another man

This is your birthright, your utter responsibility, guard it, protect it, grow it, grow into it, make it happen. Help people, work with people, collaborate, etc, but don’t become their mop. Fulfil your destiny.

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