I see it like this, before we are sent into the world, God implants each and every one of us with seeds of change. We are all outfitted with an idea, a dream, something unique to contribute to the world. However, we are born into a world which perpetually attacks and aims to stifle that dream. From the multitude of systems set up to control and pressure you into conformity, to the fears and doubts we are plagued by from within, our dreams are an endangered species.

 But here is the thing, without you, without your dream, a piece of the puzzle will be missing. You must release your piece of the human puzzle, your strand in the human tapestry. Understand that this is not just about you. Your dream will cause a ripple effect that will extend to the very ends of the universe. Your action everyday sets off a chain reaction with consequences beyond our knowledge or comprehension. So does your inaction. Just take a minute and imagine with me, the books never written, the journeys never taken, the organisations never started. Imagine the magazines never created, the technologies and inventions never made, the scientific progresses we have been robbed of. Myles Munroe has always stated that the riches place in the earth is not the oilfields or the gold mines. It is the grave. Because that’s where many dreams that died in the hearts of their owners have gone to rest.

 You have a responsibility to your dream. Do you even know what your dream is? Sometimes we think we do, only to find out that the dreams we think are ours are really the dreams of others (parents, friends, society). What is the one thing you would do, if money was never the issue, if fame was not the issue? What would you do that will contribute to the story of humanity. What would you do because you exist and that is what is inside you? What is your dream?

 You have a responsibility to your dream. It will not happen by accident. There will be almost certainly no one who will take you by the hand and walk you into your destiny. Most likely, you will have to fight for it, first to be worthy of it, and then to carry it and make it happen. You are a warrior, and your dream is your quest. Birth it, make it happen…and Change the World.

 It’s like many fantasy stories, where the hero has to contend with a higher power to tame it, subdue it and prove himself worthy of using its power. You have to fight for your dream. There will be the naysayers and the critics and the haters. But your first enemy is you. Your fears, and doubts are the obvious ones, but the most insidious enemy will be your success, your comfort, the calm in your life right now. Sometimes life will have to shake you up out of your complacency into the exhilaration of living your dream. Other times it will start of as a nagging, a discomfort in the core of your soul, a dissatisfaction with your present state. Your dream will come calling; you must face your demons and answer it.

 Once you have accepted the call, you will contend with the world around you to protect and birth your dream. You must believe. The more daring your dream, the less most people have to say to help you. The issue with chasing an impossible dream is that you are trying to create a road where no road has been made. This is scary, this is uncertain. But listen to your dream and walk in faith. The road will not be easy, but it will be worth it. This is the adventure of your lifetime. Take your dream by the hand and fly.

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