Everything that exists within nature exists in a flux of change and transition. Nothing really stands still, frozen in time, there is always change although that rate of change may differ from thing to thing. Change is unavoidable. Organic material in the universe grows and adapts and changes to fully blossom and fulfil its potential and eventually return to the earth. Growth is necessary for survival.

 Life in the world is dependent on skills sets. The more skills and abilities you have, the greater your range of freedom and choices. And these skills vary from physical skills, people skills, leadership skills, design skills, collaborative skills and so on and so forth. And since we live on average 70-80 years, more or less, it would make sense to live life in such a way that continually expands and gathers up skills sets and ideas.

 Love learning, because the more you know and learn, the richer your life experience. The potential of the human mind and body is immense, explore them. So learn about learning, understand the process of understanding and assimilation of new knowledge and skill. Possessing the value of learning means that one must always remain curious, open, willing to try out new things, have a healthy separation from their ego, good humour, willing to make mistakes, willing to try, and the persistence to attain knowledge and skill.

 A perpetual thirst for, and the pursuit of learning in all facets of human life, keeps one young, fresh, green and agile. It is a profitable way to spend one’s fleeting time on earth.

 In conclusion, love learning, and open your mind and soul to absorb the many diverse gifts available in the world. Gain knowledge and contribute knowledge, explore your potential and release the gifts and the personal genius within.

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