1. Recognize and define clearly what you want
2. Never procrastinate, the time will never be ‘just right’
3. Acquire and implement knowledge constantly
4. Face issues and situations head-on, its not always pleasant, but it makes you stronger.
5. Never give excuses, create definite solutions.
6. Keep pushing the boundaries, on to the next one.
7. Focus
8. The buck stops with you, any unfavourable situation can be overturned.
9. Cultivate burning desire
10. Don’t quit
11. Always have organized plans in writing that can be reviewed and analyzed.
12. Move on ideas, grasp opportunity when it presents itself.
13. Will things, never wish them
14. Aim at riches, have the ambition to be, to do and to have.
15. Pay your dues on the road to riches and success.
16. Screw what people think or say, be true to you, create your plans and put them into action.

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