I am
Pure essence
True force
The collision of a thousand suns
Endless bursts of light
I am
The eternal
The true
Never made
Only revealed
Manifested in the
Middle of space
And time
I am
Echoes of silence
Fragments of a past
Wrappings of the present
Memories of a future
I am
The beginning
Spark of the first match
Dawn of the first light
Night fades
Welcome to the new age
I am
Beyond gender
Beyond age
Beyond place
Beyond race
Wisdom of a sage
I have no face
I am
I am
I am
I am
I am
I am
Through our veins
Course a common blood
Cause when skin is broken
We don’t bleed red
We bleed love
Love for the art
Love for the sport
Love of the game
Love that has brought
Us thus far
After all is said and done
We remain
Ten thousand hours later
We on top of the chain
And today
We stand as Kings
And Queens of a future
Pioneers of a movement
Nah, beyond moving
We are not revoluting
But this is a revolution
After the music stops
And the lights fade
Fast beating hearts and pain remains
Thank God for limbs
Despite the strain
I am night
I am day
I am sun
I am rain
My passion is fixed
My shine is legit
got a pep in my step
so hip in my hop
10 000 strong I walk
I am Strictly Hiphop

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