This is my first ever post…okay, not quite my first, more like my third (not counting facebook notes). But still, my first proper post on this blog. Before we go further, I guess introductions are in order. Hi, my name is Otoabasi Bassey aka Base X (my design moniker). I am primarily a graphic designer, studied/studying architecture. I think a lot, I read even more, and I’m obsessed with a couple of ideas and concepts. I plan to use this space as a place to lay down my thoughts as clearly and concise as I possibly can. Why? Well, I think some ideas are worth sharing…and spreading. Secondly it forces me to make things concrete. Third, I learn and understand more by teaching and sharing. And fourth, you may like what I write…maybe even come back again and again…maybe even bring friends…that would be nice.

So what to expect from this awesome blog? A lot of things, ranging from designs from my trusty Packard bell laptop (I call her Natasha) (I got my eyes on a MacBook Pro though), to posts on success, peak performance, youth culture, design, architecture, branding, business, lifestyle, philosophy, spirituality, leadership, the occasional poetry and so on. Essentially these are the things that interest me, and the ideas that will hopefully add great value to your life.

Excited? Me too. Once again I am Oto aka Base X – philosopher, designer, thinker, entrepreneur, speaker, writer, poet and all round awesome guy. This is my blog, explore and enjoy J

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