How good can you stand it?

I have no idea where I saw this; it was probably in one of the many inspirational emails I get in my second Gmail account. Maybe it was Joe Vitale but it caught me off guard – ‘’How good can you stand it?” How good do things have to get before you begin to get nervous. How much happiness, joy, abundance, peace and success do you need to enjoy before you get scared it all comes crashing down?

We are used to bad things happening, we are used to disappointments, and we are used to pain. We have come to expect it. And so we build our beliefs on the good times. We believe the good times don’t always last. We believe before the good happens, we must pay in bad times first. There has to be a balance, things can’t always go right, they must also go wrong.

Yes, there are seasons in life; there are cycles, ebbs and flows in the river that is our existence. But we have become largely pessimistic, and because we are so, we block and constrict the amount of good that we enjoy. We get so scared of the pain and sadness that we do not allow ourselves enjoy the good that we do have. But how good can you stand it? What level of income makes you nervous? What amount of abundance seems unreasonable or unfair to you? That level is your ceiling. If life gets so good to the point where you get nervous enough, you will sabotage yourself and end your streak.

I’ve been having a good year so far, all in all. There have been the lows, the hurts, the disappointments, the stresses and all. It has been good though. I don’t judge the dark parts, in fact, I enjoy them as much as the light parts. The pains come with lessons of their own; they come with added strength and experience. They add richness to the entire experience. When I get depressed, I delight in that depression, I allow it then I move from it. So in a way I’m always happy.

The good keeps increasing too, good work, good income, great friends, good health, great family, incredible personal growth and awareness, and deep abiding joy and peace. I look at some of the things I do and experience now and sometimes I feel slightly nervous. Why is it so good? Why are things working out so great? Then I remind myself…’you know what Oto, you think this is good?! Things can get even better!’…and then I imagine that even better scenario and move towards it. 🙂