The Joy Within…(Experiments in happiness)

The Joy Within…(Experiments in happiness)

I’m not an expert in happiness. I am experimenting with it. In my previous post, I explored depression. I am good with depression. I know it. I used to crave it, enjoy it, need it. I loved it. But I decided to try something new. I decided to be happy instead. Depression served me well, for a while. But as time goes on, it gets old. Time to move on.

So, I’ve been happy for the past 6 days. Like laughing, smiling, cracking up and rolling on the floor happy! Why? I don’t know. I just decided to be happy, and then two days later, I was happy. I choose happiness every morning. Sure, things are not perfect. But they are great anyway. And it can only get better. Why? Because it just will. Because I want it to. Because I cause it to.

I have learnt something very important recently. It is possible to expand infinitely in joy. You can actually become more and more happy. Things can get better and better and better. It doesnt mean that ‘bad’ things won’t happen, inconveniences won’t occur. It does mean that regardless of what happens, your joy can increase infinitely.

So I choose to be happy, to explore how happy and how joyful I can feel. In fact as I write this, I feel happier, lighter. I like it 🙂

P.S. I also discovered that watching 30 Rock will definitely increase your momentary level of happiness. #justsaying