The Success Potion

The Success Potion

So I’m sitting at the bar right…and this gorgeous lady in a red dress walks in and proceeds to a table already full of hot sexy chicks, they order drinks and begin chatting animatedly and doing what girls usually do at such places, look good, attract attention, make guys crazy and so on. I watch as guys take turns in approaching this group with all kinds of gimmicks and get shot down one after the other. I shake my head in disappointment at the depressing display of lack of male prowess, turn to the bar tender and ask for my usual…a deep maroon shimmering cocktail. A first glance at the glass would not raise any flags, its just a red drink right. But on closer inspection, you would almost swear the liquid was alive, quivering, shimmering, vibrating. I raise the drink to my lips, close my eyes and slowly drink. As the cool liquid touches my tongue, it begins…a tingling sensation that begins in my mouth and flows first right up to my brain, and then washes over my entire body like a cascading furious waterfall. In my core is an explosion of an intense heat wave and then cold calm steadiness, followed by an overpowering presence, then quiet strength and it trails off with the whisper of a  lingering teasing caress. I open my eyes, and feel the energy flow through my veins, slowly pulsating through my body. For 30minutes, I am superman, and 30 minutes is all I need. I saunter to the table with the beautiful ladies, and in 10 seconds flat have the entire table roaring with laughter and smiles, 9 minutes and 50 seconds later, I leave with the lady in the red dress, leaving about 7 envious but glowing female faces in my wake. I then proceed to give the red dress lady the most explosive 18 minute experience of her life. 

Now that is a great story that took place entirely in my head, but its a parable to illustrate a great truth, the most important part of this story is the cocktail I ordered…a deep ominous blood coloured elixir that grants extraordinary powers and jaw dropping results. This is the Success Cocktail, drink this, and well…let’s just say that your life would never be the same. So what goes into the Success Cocktail?


I will show you how to create the success cocktail, these are the ingredients you will need.


If you want to be successful at any endeavour, I mean really experience fulfilling authentic success, you need skill. It is the fundamental component of this elixir. You should have something you have mastery of, or at least high competence in. It could be design, music, organizing, leading, writing, or just attracting a lot of attention to yourself. But have skill. A skill is well developed and honed ability. Talent is not skill. Skill is talent that has been disciplined, developed and mastered. Time required to grow skill to master level = 10, 000hrs.


This a complex blend of hard work, courage and persistence. Success comes from the willingness to put in the hours and do the grunt work against all distractions and setbacks. Body is the drive to keep going on until you achieve your mark. This substance is absolutely necessary to activate skill.


This is an extremely flammable and powerful substance that provides the ‘kick’ in the success cocktail. Passion is the requirement for deeply fulfilling success. It fuels and maintains the consistency of the ‘body’. Without passion, obstacles are harder to overcome, and sustained effort is almost impossible. Passion gives you the tingling sensation of feeling alive and the vibrancy you experience after ingesting the cocktail.


Passion is a very heady drug it fuels the body but also clouds the mind. Powerful and compelling dreams and visions are side effects of this potion. But to achieve success, the fiery temperance of passion must be tempered with cool transparent clarity and an adequate dose of reality. This will help you remain level headed enough to harness the power of passion and navigate the limits of reality so well that you may even begin to bend those limits and rewrite history in the process


This is the soul of the cocktail and it integrates all the above components into the DNA of the drinker. It also connects the drinker with a greater stream/plane of shared consciousness.


I have already alluded to the fact that this cocktail gifts the drinker with special powers and abilities that guarantee your success. I will briefly outline the powers you should expect and thereafter a strategy for using these powers for desired results.

Mastery: also known as competence. It is essentially the ability to do something really well, in fact so well that people clamour over you to get you to do it for them, and pay you very handsomely as well. The gift of mastery is provided courtesy of skill

Superhuman strength and resilience: These powers are the result of body (hard work, courage and persistence). They grant you the ability to withstand pain and adversity, and press on against all odds.

Energy: also known as Life-force. This is the power gifted by Passion. It is the fuel of life itself, this energy pervades the entire universe and propels you towards your goals and success. This energy sustains and nourishes you throughout your quest.

Dreams: sometimes referred to as vision. This is the gift of foresight, the ability to see the future or at least potential futures. It gives the drinker awareness of things that do not yet exist. This power is a result of passion as well. The ability to see into the future increases with the amount of passion in your cocktail. However, too much unbalanced passion will lead to hallucinations and false perceptions of reality. Hence we temper passion with clarity

Insight: This is a refined version of foresight that emerges with the combination of passion and clarity. With insight, you can look into the future with increased accuracy and perceptive depth. With insight, you don’t only have glimpses of the future, but also an understanding of consequences of that future and a general map to get there, or avert it. 

Knowledge: a more concrete and at the same time more ephemeral version of insight. Passion + Clarity + Intuition grant the drinker the gift of knowledge. Here concrete direction is given to the drinker for success, also the shared knowledge of every living thing is granted when needed to the drinker. Luck and chance are attracted in greater measures as well.


We just learned about the super powers, now for an example of a strategy/framework for using these powers to achieve a goal (in this case business success).

Identify the need: utilising insight and knowledge scan your world and look for an unfulfilled need or emptiness that fits in with your mastery.

Conjure the required resources: use the all your powers to gather all the necessary resources to create the product. Meta techniques used here will include leadership and management.

Create the product: use the powers of mastery and strength to create a product, service or experience that addresses the need of your audience. Execute.

Generate awareness: use your gifts of energy, dreams, insight and knowledge to help the audience become aware of your product, tell stories and sell them your vision of a future with your product. Meta techniques here include networking, communication, creation of idea viruses and so on.

Deliver the product: make it available to your audience by creating distribution channels so they can enjoy and make their life better than it was before.

So there you have it, The Success Cocktail, its ingredients and the ensuing abilities and strategies for resounding and superhuman success.