The beauty of serendipity in the pursuit of destiny

The beauty of serendipity in the pursuit of destiny

I’ve been having strange experiences, or maybe they are not strange per se, just that I have a greater sensitivity to these things now. It starts with a thought. It is always a thought. Thoughts start a series of happenings that result in the manifestation of its physical equivalent. So, in this case, the thought is this, there is a truth out there that cohesively holds all of the world, seen and unseen together. Something that weaves its way through all life, all existence, all thought. A way to understand the true nature of life, the universe and all that pervades and is us.

 So that’s the thought. And then the lessons begin to present themselves, blogs, books, conversations with friends, new models of perceptions. (They say when the student is ready, the teacher appears). Consciousness expands and I can glimpse back and forth in time, at once gripped and freed by the necessary paradox of life. It’s meaning, and it’s meaninglessness, the gains and the loss. Coming to the understanding that everything has its place and fulfils its role. So I am progressively freed from circumstance and situation and simply live. In the present. Possessing, releasing, more and more immersed in the ebb and flow of life. Glimpses of destiny, the sparking of a tiny flame that continues to burn and gain traction, spreading from its point of origin and eventually engulfing me, until I am one with it, and there is no self, only expression, reconnection with the divine. At this point, I am happy, happy to be alive, to breathe, to be here, to be now. There are problems, but they don’t look like problems, just challenges, slight inconveniences. In fact, they are outright opportunities, new open doors to unexpected experiences, interruptions that open the way for serendipity to occur.

 So, such is life, at its zenith, in its fullness. But out here in the journey to your destiny, how do you find your way? It is said that once a decision has been taken or once a desire has been concretely expressed, the universe conspires to give it to you. This is where serendipity comes into play. How do you get from where you are to where you want to go? Especially when you dream of your destination, but cannot see a clear path. There are a multitude of possibilities, many roads to take and this can paralyse you. But once you lock on to your goals, things start to happen…hunches, chance meetings, inspired ideas. You need to be aware and be ready to receive. Be ready to move, to change. Understand that the road to your dream is not just a road to your treasure, it is a process that must change you, refine you. Who you become is far more valuable and important than what you get. Your soul is the most precious thing in the whole of eternity and existence.

 We would not have control on where this path will take us, but life is an adventure. In fact, It must be lived as The Great Adventure. Embrace change, embrace chance. Do all you can in the present, all you should. Listen to your heart, and let it guide you, and protect you and teach you. But still, rule it.

 The links between the nodes of our path are beautiful, enjoy each one. Many occurrences we see as setbacks are part of this journey, this process to teach us lessons, to push us forward, to give us what is best for us. Joseph went from his home to the bottom of a well, to slavery in a foreign country, to prison and then to his dream, prime minister in Egypt. The path to your dream will have many detours, but it leads to the same place. Each point is necessary in making sure you get there.

 In conclusion, embrace your passion, your purpose, your destiny. Follow the omens, they will lead you to your goal, embrace chance, and luck and enjoy the journey