BXDI #1: Heart of a Lion

Early 2010 and really through most of it, I was going through a process of re-invention. I really dug into re-examining my beliefs, worldviews, life and experience, looking for more. For the first time, I decided to embrace the life I wanted to create, pursue my ideas and dreams. At the time, I
listened to a lot of Kid Cudi and his song ‘Heart of a Lion’ struck a chord within me. I remember being under pressure, fear of the unknown, going against a lot of things I held on to, leaving the safety of the norm to try do something I suspected was possible. On days I needed that extra boost, I’d bump Kid Cudi and sing along… ‘At the end of the day, ma mama told me, don’t let no one break me; At the end of the day, I’m marching with the heart of a lion’. This piece is inspired by that song.

So if you are courageously chasing your dreams, marching to the beat of your drum, dancing to the music in your heart, keep walking with the heart of a lion…this one is for you.

#ShoutOut to Hydro74 (www.hydro74.com) for the dope & free warlock font I used in this design

BXDI (BaseXDidIt) – Manifesto

For a long time now (18 months+), I’ve been toying with the idea of desiging and releasing limited edition t-shirts for me, my friends and people who like what I do. And finally now, I am doing it. Ladies and gents, I present to you BXDI (BaseXDidIt) – a series of conceptually driven tshirts designed by yours trully. Each limited run of shirts would be themed around a concept i find inspiring/interesting/quirky.

The name BXDI was inspired by Bryan Espiritu, creator and owner of The Legends League. I hold this man in the high regard and I love the way he weaves his personal stories, ideas and heart into his work and clothing. I’m trying to do something similar, to create something authentic, and real, personal, raw and from the heart. I hope this connects with you and inspires you to be everything you are. Bryan Espiritu Made it, Base X Did It.