The spectacle of life & the reality of things

Gift is cursed IV

Success & the Pursuit of Happiness

Turning 24 (Life often isn’t what you’d expect)

Untitled (or Random thoughts from the past 3 weeks)

Deliberate practice & the state of strain

Follow your highest impulses

Gift is cursed II

Set out to fail


Overwhelm yourself (and grow)

Coping with Life (Overcoming Depression)

Abandon any hope of fruition

The art of being creative

Occupy Your Life

The Motivation

The lesser known face of success

Bits and Pieces

How to get success to chase you

Achieving Success: The Formula

The Unlived Self

Be Obsessed

No More Mr Nice Guy

Why your New Year’s Resolutions will not work

2011: a review

Blind to the Hype

Embracing Pain II 

#Occupy: My thoughts on Activism

Embracing discomfort and chasing the creative muse

I don’t know What to Do Next

Death to The Cool

So I went jogging today

Action Bias, Fear and The Power Within

I don’t know what to write (things I hate)

Life as a design problem

The Second Scroll


Incomplete Manifesto for Growth

Memories and living a long life

The First Scroll

Afros & Sucides

The thing about success…(or how to be a superstar)

Career, Balance, Passion & Happiness

I’m not special (seeing through your own bullshit)

Legacy Work

How to get the Heart of a Lion

BXDI#1: Heart of A Lion

BXDI (BaseXDidIt) – Manifesto

My Life Manifesto

BXDI – Base X Did it

How good can you stand it?

Waking up to the illusion

Base Alchemy [BA23]

Random thoughts at 23

Unresolved Emotions

Reverse-engineering the Universe

The First Steps…The Next Steps

Staying still and moving forward (Stress free productivity)

Keep moving – Calculated Momentum

Awakening pt2 (The Four Agreements)

Blue Pill Red Pill or Awakening or Unplugging from the Matrix

You don’t need a candle when you are on fire

In My Mind Episode 1

Love and other four letter words

The Joy within…(Experiments in Happiness)

The darkness within…(lessons learnt in depression)

Burnout_Drying of the creative well


The Success Potion

The beauty of serendipity in the pursuit of destiny

Death of the resume: How to get the job you really want

The importance of Critical Thinking

Think Big

Lavish Affair

Sacred Ink

Dark Nights of the Soul

On Days like this

I am Strictly Hiphop

I am Infinite

We are Heroes

The responsiblity to your dream

Mistake or Intention?

How to be creative

10 Posters

10 Logos

My top 10 books for 2010

Determining and articulating your personal brand

Surviving the Future

Designing the life you were meant to live [pt1]

The Learning Imperative

Yoruba Creation Myth

Mickey Ye

A lil question to ask yourself every morning

Master these things

Things I’ve learnt between June 2009 and June 2010

Things Will Smith Taught me

LoveKills Concept Poster: Heartbreakers Guild

The First Post


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